Barching to the crystal division

Barching to the crystal division

Barching to the crystal divisionПлиты покрытия ребристые

We have tried a new experiment, we tried to reach the crystal level with only using the popular barch strategy.

We started In gold III with 1898 trophies and used 100 barbarians and 100 archers per attack. Sometimes we had to use our barbarian king and lightning spells to get 50%.

We got attacked 1 time resulting in a win of 8 trophies. We did fail 1 time during an attack resulting in the loss of 13 trophies.

It took us a total of 24 attacks to get the 103 needed trophies. During this attacks we gained 1.500.000 resources.

This mixed army takes 19 minutes to train, allowing you to attack 3 times per hour. It is possible to gain 100+ trophies per 8 hours with this trategy.

When you hit the crystal division you get the achievement League All-Star which gives you 100 x experience and 250 gems!

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  1. I used this barch strategy to ladder up to crystal league from level 3 archer and barbarians in early TH 7 in 5 days i got 1150 to 2002 trophies

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