Funny Raids

funny raids in clash of clans

Massive Raids in Clash Of Clans

massive raids coc

Who said lot is dead in Clash of Clans? If you just skip enough you always get good bases with nice loot. We have attacked 6 times and looted a total of 3.338.000 resources! Attack 1 – 620k Attack 2 – 584k Attack 3 – 489k Attack 4 – 776k Attack 5 – 466k Attack 6 – 403k Total: 3.338k! That ...

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Farming With Wallbreakers?

farming with wallbreakers

Is it possible to farm with wallbreakers? We asked our self this question and tried it! In this video you see 3 attacks with 100 level 5 wallbreakers: Farming full gold and elixir collectors near walls with wallbreakers doses of synthroid. Is it possible to destroy all walls? Can you destroy a town hall with wallbreakers only? 100 level 5 ...

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Free resources

free resources coc

Is there such thing as free resources in clash of clans? We get asked this question a lot! There are several websites out there that claim to have “tool” to give you free gold and elixir or even free gems! Subscribe to our channel for more game tips: There is no way to get free resources other than farming! Sometimes ...

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Secret message in base

secret message in base coc

Sometimes we come across some crazy villages. This one has a secret message made by walls, can you spot it? It also have some sweet loot: 250k gold and 250k elixir! It doesn’t stand a change. Subscribe to our channel for more videos:

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