You can use spells in clash of clans when you attack. There are 5 different spells you can use with attacks depending on the town hall and spell factory level.

Freeze Spell

Freeze Spell coc

With the freeze spell you can temporary freeze enemy defenses and ground troops. During this time the troops that are in its radius stop moving and attacking. This will not affect your own troops.  Enemy troops that are outside the radius of the freeze spell also aren’t effected. The hidden tesla is only affected by this spell once it is ...

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Jump Spell

jump spell coc

The jump spell makes troops jumping walls. This can come in very handy to quickly get your troops where you want them without putting down walls first. All ground troops can jump walls with the jump spell, even the heroes. The jump spell haves 2 levels:, the level 2 last double the time. It doesn’t matter which level the wall ...

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Rage Spell

Rage Spell coc

The rage spell places a ring in the battlefield, when troops are in this ring they are boosted in speed and damage they do. Healers can heal faster when they are in the spells ring. The damage boost is a percentage of the troops max damage, the speed boost is fixed (see the table below).  This is making it more ...

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Healing Spell

The healing spell heals your troops for an amount of time (12 seconds). When deployed it forms a ring, all troops in this ring (air and ground, even the healer!) will heal with a maximum of the total healing of the spell (depends on spell level). The healing spell can only be used in attacks. Make sure your troops are ...

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Lightning Spell

lightning spell clash of clans

The lightning spell is the first spell that you can build if you have a spell factory. This spell drops lightning bolts to the place where you deploy it. It splash damages the space around the hit area with 3.5 tiles. The most damage is done to the center of the lightning spell. The spells cost relative much elixir (15.000 ...

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