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How To Prevent Soil Erosion From Being A Hazard In An Area.

Soil erosion is the removal of soil from one place to another. It is normal for soil to be displaced at any point. Erosion however can seem to be a slow process and can be continuous without notice. Cause for alarm comes in when soil erosion makes a lot of damage.

Agents of soil erosion take advantage of the formation, cutting and exposition of soil. When this is left unattended to, either naturally or artificially, the results could be tragic to that particular environment but when noticed and attended to, there would be little or no damage. Soil erosion is one of the activities that can be caused by human and natural activities.

Different activities by man leads to soil erosion. Natural causes of soil erosion, otherwise known as agents are mainly water and wind. There are other secondary determinants of soil erosion related to the human and natural activities. Below is a list of the factors.;

The feel of soil. When soil particles are heavy and big, it is hard for them to be eroded.

Steepness is a great determinant of soil erosion. Steep lands makes it easy for erosion to occur.

Excessive use of soil makes it easy for it to be eroded.

Little rain has little effect when it comes to displacement of soils.

Trees act as windbreakers, meaning that they block wind from passing through a particular area. Soil displacement occurs when there are no trees to prevent wind from blowing.

On-site effects are effects experienced on the land that soil has been removed while off-site effects are those where soil has been transferred to. When soil is displaced, a lot of nutrients is taken away meaning the production of that particular area is reduced. Off-site effects could include blockages of drainage systems depending on the amount of soil deposited, the destruction and damage of roads and even housing among other features and could also mean that the new land becomes rich in nutrients.

In order to know how to deal with the problem of soil erosion, one needs to understand how each process occurs and this will help in dealing with it. People deal with soil erosion in the following ways.;
Ensuring that there is a lot of vegetation on land. Exchange of type of crops in a given land helps in soil retention. Learning that many trees can prevent excessive winds from blowing is a major boost of preventing soil erosion.

For water erosion, one of the main control measures that can be taken is the construction of gabions and other. Modern scientists have devised ways and products that when mixed with soil make it resistant to erosion. Artificial grass makes holds soils together making it erosion resistant. Collaborative measure in the universe help in dealing with erosion.

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