Level 41 – Choose Wisely

Loot available in level 41 – Choose Wisely: 150.000 Gold, 150.000 Elixir.

Troops needed:

In this clash of clans level 41 choose wisely single player guide you must get rid of the air defenses to deploy your balloons.

  1. Destroy the mortar at the bottom with archers. Place them close to the mortar so they will fall in the blind spot.
  2. Take out the archer tower with 10 to 12 archers for each tower.
  3. Take out the mortar at the top, be sure to spread your troops otherwise the mortar will kill all your troops.
  4. Use wallbreakers at the bottom and the top to destroy the walls.
  5. Deploy 4 goblins at the top to set the spring traps.
  6. Deploy one giant at each side and after that deploy the rest of the giants. Also deploy all your archers at both sides.
  7. Deploy the balloons and let them destroy the map.

One comment

  1. i took out the mortals by using only one archer each, if you looked more carefully there is a blind spot of bottom mortal where archer tower and cannon also cant see and top mortal was easier to take out because when you placed a single archer on its blind spot it couldnt do anything. so, you didnt need to spend that much archers

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