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What to Consider when Buying a Used iPhone

It is everyone’s dream to own an iPhone, but their expensiveness hinders almost everyone into achieving this vision. Rarely will you find an iPhone that is on sale. If you want to possess one without having to pay the full price, the best option may be buying a used one.

In fact, buying a used iPhone will save you some cash, but you need to ask yourself whether the deal is worth it. If you want to buy a used or refurbished iPhone, here are some things you should take into account.

Get the Right Phone for Your Carrier
Generally, every iPhone model starting with iPhone 5 will work on all phone company networks. It is important however to note that the AT and T’s network use an extra LTE signal that other networks don’t use which can result in faster service in some places. So, if you purchase an iPhone that was developed for use on Verizon and bring it on an AT&T network, it becomes difficult to access the extra LTE signal. Ensure that you get the model number from the seller and check to be sure that it is well-suited to your network carrier.

Confirm that the Phone is not Carrier Locked
Even if you have got the right iPhone model, it is a good idea to call the phone company before making a purchase to confirm if the phone can get activated. To handle this, ask the seller to provide you with the IMEI or MEID number and then give this to your carrier to assess whether there is any problem.

Buy the Right Storage Capacity
It is often tempting to buy phones for a lower price, but you should remember that most use iPhones are not the latest models and the storage space is not much. The current iPhone models offer up to 256GB storage for your media and other data. Some of the cheap models have as little as 16GB space, but you must not settle for anything less than 32GB.

Check the Battery
Since the iPhone battery is irreplaceable, make sure that the battery life of any used iPhone you buy is good. A lightly used iPhone should have a battery life that is decent, but anything that is more than a year old needs to be checked. Take the time and ask several questions to the seller and check to see if they can install a new battery before you can buy. Be sure to also verify on their return policy if the battery turns out not to having a long life as they said.

Assess the Features and Price
When buying a used iPhone, make sure that you know what features you are looking for. In most cases, used iPhones are one generation behind and may not have the features that the current model has; just make sure that you are satisfied with what it has to offer. The price too should be worth what you are buying.

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