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How Point of Sale Displays Differ from Each

Retail marketing is an industry with broad knowledge and years of experience to which techniques are time tested. By understanding the your customer’s pattern while inside the store and knowing to which points in their trip can be used to trigger emotional reaction, retailers are capable of making most from their layout.

Believe it or not, most of the stores these days depend largely on point of sale display stands. As a matter of fact, this is intentionally done to encourage people make impulse purchases. It just happens that some of it already works while some are not. In the next lines, you are going to uncover 3 of the most sought POS display units in which many successful marketers use in their store.

FSDU – known also as Free Standing Display Units that are positioned around shops at the key areas in the customer’s journey. These are useful when you are promoting limited edition products or perhaps, short term offers. Due to the fact that it isn’t free standing, they can be easily assembled and disassembled.

These are often redesigned which depend on the promo or season being run and ensures that it looks interesting and exciting. These are mostly positioned at the store’s entrance to grab the most attention to customers.

CDU – this stands for Countertop Display Units and as the name implies, they are placed on countertops in an effort to encourage impulse purchases prior customers make payment. Because they are small and that the counter is typically a noisy area filled with different products that are competing for attention, CDU have to be eye catching.

Cutouts are regularly used and they have strong branding to be able to alert the customers to the merchandise they impulsively buy including chewing gums, chocolate bars etc.

Wobblers – to be able to trigger the impulsive buying of customers, these are put on just at shelf level by major supermarkets. They may be offer inspiration or based and can work well when you want to trigger emotional response.

These are just the top 3 point of sale display items; it is pretty obvious that there are still more types of it that are globally used and each are more creative than the last. Apart from that, they are thinking thoroughly on how they will use and place it strategically on their store as shoppers become savvier nowadays. POS marketer is more about creating theatre within the shop and knowing what will trigger the buyer response from customers and also, new ideas are tried by leading retailers and by their POS agencies as well.

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