TH6 Farm Design

TH6 Farming Bsae

TH6 Farming Bsae

This th6 design in for farming purposes. The gold ad elixir storages are near the center. The town hall is placed outside the walls. Giving you a 12 hour shield when destroyed.

The defenses are nicely spread out and your mortar and clan castle our in the center. Most players will skip this th6 base or destroy only your town hall when going for trophies. This way you keep your precious resources.

TH6 Farm layout

th6 farming base layout

th6 farming base layout


  1. i am upgrading me town hall to lvl 6 and i loved the previous strategy for defence

  2. I like it but I don’t like it

  3. I just hit Town Hall 6. This layout looks good! Will try it out.

    A few questions:
    – The building under construction with 11h 12m left is a Wizard Tower?
    – The building under construction with 7h 26m left is a Mortar?
    – What about trap placement? Bombs, springs, air bombs, etc.

    Thanks a bunch!

    — Mike

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