TH7 Clan War Base

th7 clan war base design

th7 clan war base design

This th7 clan war base design is very effective. It is hard to get 1 star and most of the time no stars are won.

The clan castle is placed in the center, so the clan castle troops aren’t lured out easy. Also the town hall 7 is in the center. Outside the walls you will find the collectors, builders hut and other useless buildings for defending. They form a layer of buildings for attacking barbarians and archers, they will attack the outer layout first. Giving your defenses more time to kill them.

The air defenses are in the center, for maximum effect against dragons and minions. There is no preferred angle to attack, from all sides the troops will be stoked with wizard towers, mortars and archer towers and cannons.

TH7 Clan War Base Design

TH7 Clan War Base Design

TH7 Clan War Base Design

Make sure you place those traps as shown above, they are part of the strategy. The bottom will attract players going for the dark elixir. The hidden tesla’s should take care of them.

Thanks to user WifeyMatata for the picture.


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