Maintenance break clash of clans
Maintenance break clash of clans

1 Gem Boost – Maintenance Breaks

There is a 1 gem boost coming! Supercell will do 3 maintenance breaks on September 27 from 05:45 UTC (Greenwich time) until September 30th.

During this time period you can boost your elixir collectors, gold mines and dark elixir drills for 1 gem. This can give you a maximum earnings per boost of:

  • 520.000 gold and elixir
  • 7.200 dark elixir

The 3 breaks will be at:

  • September 27th 2014 (Saturday) at 05:45 UTC
  • September 28th 2014 (Sunday) at 05:45 UTC
  • September 30th 2014 (Tuesday) at 05:45 UTC

Supercell message

Chief! Our servers are being updated. This means we’re going to have maintenance breaks expected to start at 05:45am UTC on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. To make the deal sweet for you, the first one will start a 1 Gem Resource Boost Special! This will last until the last maintenance break on Tuesday. Boost responsibly!

1 gem resource boost

1 gem resource boost

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