100 Minion Attack

This is a video about a 100 minions attack challenge/strategy.

We have attacked 10 times and won a total of:

100 minions cost 700 dark elixir to train. It takes 18 minutes to train 25 minions per dark barrack. With 2 dark barracks available at th level 8 we were able to train 25 minions per barrack at a time. So it took us 1.2 hours to prepare for each attack.

Minions do attack very well in large groups, only watch out for the air bomb. The air bomb can take out large groups of minions at a time. Other enemies are the wizard tower that too can do mayor damage to minions. Try to take those down first.

Other air defense buildings like the archer towerair defense and hidden tesla also attack the minion. But because these can only attack 1 minion at a time they are not a big threat when you deploy large groups.

Attacking with minions is a fun and easy strategy and can add lots of trophies and lot if well played. They only cost dark elixir so it can be a good strategy if you are looking to save up elixir or trophies.

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