50 Wizards Attack

In this video we attack with 50 wizards. The wizard is a strong troop with relative low health. It is vulnerable to hit point and splash damage defenses. The key is to spread them so they can do max damage while the defenses can’t attack them at once.

In this video you see 3 attacks:

  1. Farming Gold and Elixir

    In this attack we deploy the wizards in a line and try to steal the gold and elixir in the village.

  2. Farming Gold and Elixir from 1 corner

    In the second attack we engage from 1 corner to see if it is more effective.

  3. Farming Dark Elixir

    In the third attack we use the wizards to farm dark elixir. We also use the Barbarian King in this attack.

Attacking with wizards only is not recommended, the best way to use them is in a combination with high health troops like the Golem or PEKKA that can withstand a lot of hitpoints from the defenses. The GoWiPe strategy works well with wizards.

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