Coc winter update
COC winter update

All Clash Of Clan Winter Updates

We will collect all information about the upcoming winter update in this post. If we get news it will be posted here.

The Winter update is coming…. Get ready, Chief!!

#1 Sneak Peek

If you see these magical trees, don’t cut them just yet – are they growing presents?

#1 Forum exclusive Sneak Peek

✔ Under attack? You can now watch a live replay while waiting to load your Village!

coc winter update

Winter update

#2 Sneak Peek

New collector levels, and other economy balancing changes! Read what’s coming soon!

Clash of clans collector update

Collector update

#3 Sneak Peek

The weather forecast in Clash predicts ARROW showers!! Twice the arrows, but each does half the damage!

Old vs. New:

#3a Forum exclusive Sneak Peek

Inferno Tower engineering 2.0 – soon your Inferno Towers will shoot for a longer time with the same amount of Dark Elixir!

coc archer tower update

Archer tower update

#4 Sneak Peek

He’s big, he’s furious and he’s coming soon! Level 7 Giants are stomping into Town Hall 10!!

#4a Forum exclusive Sneak Peek

✔ Hero ability icons now show remaining hitpoints and will start flashing when low – use their ability to recover some HP!

✔ Compare your clan to others in clan local leader boards!

Giant Update

Giant Update


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