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1 Gem Boost – Maintenance Breaks

Maintenance break clash of clans

There is a 1 gem boost coming! Supercell will do 3 maintenance breaks on September 27 from 05:45 UTC (Greenwich time) until September 30th. During this time period you can boost your elixir collectors, gold mines and dark elixir drills for 1 gem. This can give you a maximum earnings per boost of: 520.000 gold ...

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Farming With Wallbreakers?

farming with wallbreakers

Is it possible to farm with wallbreakers? We asked our self this question and tried it! In this video you see 3 attacks with 100 level 5 wallbreakers: Farming full gold and elixir collectors near walls with wallbreakers. Is it possible to destroy all walls? Can you destroy a town hall with wallbreakers only? 100 level 5 wallbreakers cost 300.000 ...

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Barbarian & Archers Level 7

Barbarian and archer level 7

The barbarian and archer troops have a brand new upgrade level: Level 7! This are the key features: Barbarian level 7 Upgarde costs 6.000.000 elixir New dps: 30 (+4) New hitpoints: 125 (+15) New training cost: 200 elixir (+50) The barbarian level 6 upgrade now costs 4.500.000 elixir. Archer level 7 Upgrade costs 7.500.000 elixir New dps: 25 (+3) New ...

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Archer Tower Level 13

Acrher Tower Level 13

Supercell updated the archer tower to level 13 in the September update. It does 98 damage per second and has 840 hitpoints. The range and targets are unchanged. The upgrade to the archer tower level 13 costs 7.500.00 gold. The upgrade to level 12 is now reduced to 6.500.000 gold. Archer tower level 12 appearance

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September Update!

september update coc

Brand New Dark Elixir Unit: Lava Hound! ✔ This faithful flying unit cannot resist chasing after fireworks, and will go straight after the nearest Air Defense ✔ The Lava Hound’s massive hitpoints makes all the incoming damage seem like mere playtime ✔ Though the unit deals very low damage, it will erupt upon death into many tiny Lava Pups that ...

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40 Balloons Attack

40 balloons coc

In this video we attack 3 bases with only 40 balloons. We experimented with balloons only, balloons with a hero and tried to attack a th9 base with our th8 balloons. Your main enemy with balloons are wizard towers and high level air defenses. The wizard towers will do a lot of splash damage against groups of balloons, because they ...

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1 Gem boost!

1 gem boost

It is boosting time again. You can boost (double) your gold mines, elixir pumps and dark elixir pump for 1 gem. This will double the output for a day giving you massive gold, elixir and dark elixir. Be sure to take advantage of it!

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Archer tower level 13 is coming

archer tower level 13

The archer tower level 13 is coming. This stands close to the barbarian and archer level 7 which are also announced. It will be released in the September update. We don’t know how it is gonna look yet. But we think it will be in the lava theme. We also are asking our self how the price will be. The ...

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Lava Pup

lava pup

The lava pup is the little brother of the lava hound. When the lava hound is destroyed it will explode in to small creatures: lava pups. The lava pups are flying units comparable by minions. They have low health but do relative high damage. The lava hound will split into multiple lava pups depending on the level of the lava ...

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Lava Hound

lava hound

The Lava Hound is the newest troop in Clash of Clans. It is announced in the September 2014 update. Supercell announced the lava hound as tank unit, it will attack the nearest air defenses and acts like a flying golem. It does have massive health but does low damage. It can be used as distraction just like the golem. When the ...

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New Troop: Lava Hound!

lava hound

The new dark elixir troop Supercell has teased last days is the Lava Hound! It will attack the nearest Air Defense. It is like a Golem in the air, is does have a lot of health. You can use it as a meat shield for other troops. It doesn’t deal a lot of damage itself. When it dies it will ...

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Will there be a dark dragon?

dark dragon

Supercell has released a new teaser. It says I smell fireworks… We think this refers to the air defenses. So can we assume the new troop is a flying unit? We think so! The face in the picture seen below looks like it could be a dragon. Who knows? We will find out soon!

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Dark barracks level 6 announced!

dark barracks level 6

There is the coming of a new troop announced in Clash of Clans. Supercell announced there will be a dark barrack level 6 available in the September update. The Dark barracks level 6 will be available at town hall level 9. The actual troop isn’t announced yet. Rumors are going it will be a flying troop. The official announcement:

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Upgrade your walls with Elixir!

upgrade walls with elixir

Supercell announced that you can upgrade your walls with elixir in the September update! This applies to wall of level 6 and higher. It seems that the elixir vs gold price is 1:1. It is also possible to upgrade a row of walls in once with this update. Great news if you ask us! Your level 7 archers and barbarians ...

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Level 7 Barbarians And Archers Coming!

level7 barch

Supercell announced that in the next update there will be level 7 Barbarians and Archers. They introduces them as: Improve your BAM strategy Will there be a new level mortar/wizard tower too? Or maybe a new defense?

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40 Giants Attack

40 giants coc

Attacking with 40 level 5 Giants. We try to farm a little and go for some trophies. Beware of clan castle troops, they will attack your Giants but your Giants won’t attack back to the troops. They will go after the defenses first! This makes them very vulnerable for clan castle troops. A better strategy is the barch strategy or ...

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200 Archers Attack

200 archers coc

Attacking with 200 level 5 archers in clash of clans, nothing else. One unit series. Subscribe to our channel to follow our videos! We do 3 attacks: Looting elixir Looting dark elixir Getting 1 star A better strategy is the barch strategy.

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Balloonion Strategy

coc balloonion strategy

What do you need TH10 or a strong TH9. TH8 is possible too but the balloons are not so strong. Max level balloons and Minion. High level defenses (if you trophy hunt). A solid base layout A lot of patience. Balloonion Video The Balloonion strategy is a widely used strategy with high level players that are trophy hunting. Balloonion stands for: ...

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Use Game Center or Google+ to save your village

save your clash of clans account

If you don’t want to lose your account it is recommended to connect your village to the Game Center (ios) or Google+ (Android). If your device gets broken, stolen, lost or reset you lose the ability to play your village. If you move to a new device your village will not transfer with you UNLESS you save to Game Center/Google+. ...

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Wizard Upgrade

Supercell just updated the clash of clans game. On their facebook page they say: EDIT: We’re back online. FIREBALL!! Fireballs aren’t the only trick the Wizard has up his sleeve… Stay tuned for Wizard event Maintenance break coming soon! First look on new wizard The new wizard looks groovy, his hair is huge! He also holds a rabbit in it’s ...

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