BAM Strategy

bam strategy

bam strategy

The BAM strategy is an effective way to farm a lot of gold and elixir per hour. BAM stands for: barbarian , archer , minion. You can farm up to 1 million gold per hour if you successful adapt this strategy! The key is to destroy a wizard tower and make a path to the gold/elixir. Then deploy your minions for the resources! This strategy can be used to farm trophies too!

Bam strategy video guide

Training the troops

The troops for BAM can be trained pretty fast. For an army of 200 just train:

Making a total of 40 barbarians, 60 archers and 50 minions an 3 spells. This takes 19 minutes to build (the minions are the slowest to create). Off course the spells take longer. I don’t use them that often.

Finding the right base

It is essential to find the right base to make the bam strategy work. You will be looking for:

  • Bases with a lot of loot in the pumps.
  • Bases with enough gold/elixir. (usually 100k elixir or gold).
  • Exposed or easy to destroy wizard towers.
  • Easy to get storages.

It is also nice when there is no barbarian king or archer queen, but this is not necessary.

Using the BAM strategy

  1. Draw a line of barbarians on the side you want to attack.
  2. Draw a line of archers on the side you want to attack.
  3. Add some more barbarians and archer to destroy a wizard tower if needed.
  4. Find a good spot to deploy your minions. Deploy 1 or 2 to find the air mines.
  5. Deploy groups of minions. (usually 2 groups of 20)
  6. Raid that gold or elixir.

It is key to make sure you take out a wizard tower if it is in the path of the minions, these take them out very quick. Once the path to the gold is free deploy a few minions first to seek air mines, these can take out whole groups of minions!

It is wise to play like you are doing the barch strategy, so look for full pumps and easy loot.  When there is a good  amount of gold in the core  of the base consider using your minions.

Make sure you have your barracks running when you attack, it will rebuild your army fast so you can attack again soon.

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