Barbarian King Altar

Barbarian King Altar

Barbarian King Altar

The Barbarian King Altar is the home for the barbarian king. When the barbarian king defends your village he is walking around the altar. If the barbarian king is injured in battle he sleeps on the altar until he is healed.

The barbarian king altar costs 10.000 dark elixir to build. When build you have instant access to the barbarian king.

It is recommended to place the barbarian king altar in the center of your village when you use him to defend your village. When you place it on the outside the barbarian king is easily lured away from your defenses with a few troops and then slaughtered with some archers.

If you attack a village with a barbarian king, just lure him out and attack him with a swarm of archers or barbarians. The barbarian king will only attack one unit at a time which gives you enough time to kill him.

Barbarian king altar building cost

Cost Build Time Hitpoints Unlocked Unit Size Town Hall Level Required
10,000 None 250 Barbarian King 3×3 7

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