Barch Strategy

BARCH Strategy

BARCH Strategy

The BARCH strategy stands for Barbarians and archers. You attack with barbarians and archers only, the ratio is 50/50.

This army is cost effective and fast to build, it is also pretty rock solid in winning.

You will get 1 star minimum on each base and you will grow in trophies, it will not go fast however.

The barch strategy

You will need an army with 50% barbarians and 50% archers. The actual amount will vary according to your town hall level and army camp size. It is key to always keep your barracks running. While you are attacking other bases your troops will be trained, this way you can do lots of attacks in a short time span. Also make sure you have the max of lighting spells available and use your barbarian king and archer queen for attacks. Extra clan castle troops are good too!

It is key to find the right base, look for full collectors that are placed outside the walls, quickly deploy the barbarians in a ring around the base and deploy the archers in a row behind them. This will destroy most buildings outside the walls and get you close to 50% and some nice loot.

When you need a few extra percent, look for weak spots. Like a corner with only a cannon or archer tower in range, deploy more archers here. When you still don’t have 50% you can use your archer queen to attack some buildings over the walls, you can add the barbarian king for extra protection. Your clan castle troops can come in handy too!

Do you still don’t have 50%? Then this wasn’t a good base you choose, but you can still win! Look for low health buildings and damaged buildings. Now use your lightning spells to destroy this building(s).

A couple of people place their town hall outside the village for farming reasons, be sure to take that out too. Those bases are a almost guaranteed 2 stars!

This should be good for getting 50% and 1 star. Because you choose a village with full collectors you will receive a nice amount of gold and elixir too!

Barching guide in pictures


A goodd base to use for the barching strategy

A good base to use for the barching strategy. Collectors are outside the walls, with a lot of other buildings.

Barch step 1

Step 1: Deploy the barbarians first and then the archer in a row behind.


Apply the first step to all sides to destroy everything outside the walls.

Apply the first step to all sides to destroy everything outside the walls.

Apply the first step to all sides to destroy everything outside the walls.

barching archers

When deployed well all outside buildings should be destroyed and you have at least 50%.

barching strateg finished

Deploy more troops if you don’t get 50%. Your barbarian king, archer queen and clan castle troops can come in handy. When you still don’t have 50% use your lightning spells on weak buildings.

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