Best PC Games of 2022

In 2022, many games have been released for different consoles. We have compiled a list of the best of them in various genres. This year a lot of hits in the field of games came out from major studios such as Techland and Larian Studios. In our review, you will find the main game releases of this year that will brighten up your everyday life.


Of course, each of us has our own view on the best games of 2022. Someone likes shooters, and someone is looking forward to survival games, while others just keep track of high-quality free to play and are open to any options. We tried to include games for each genre in this TOP-3.

Horizon Forbidden West

Genre: Action RPG 

What to play on: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 

Description of the game. A nimble hunter named Aloy saves the post-apocalyptic world from another huge disaster. She unravels a conspiracy of quarreling IT people, explores the bases of space colonizers and tames mechanical beasts. This classic big-budget blockbuster is for those who play one game a year and love the “all the money” experience. The sequel combines the best elements of linear adventure with the best of open world games. It’s hard to predict what will happen next. During the cut-scenes, you either smile or sit with a lump in your throat. By the way, at you will find a lot of similar games.

Elden Ring

Genre: very complex fantasy action from the creators of Dark Souls 

What to play on: PC on Steam; Xbox one; PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. 

Description of the game. In the Interearth, Queen Marika the Immortal ruled. She controlled the realm with the help of the Elden ring. Before the game began, the ring was destroyed, and its parts were taken over by the six children of Marika – power-mad demigods. The protagonist, who for some reason does not have a name, goes in search of demigods. He will defeat the enemies, recreate the ring of Helen, and he himself will become the ruler of the Inter-earth.  

At first, this game seems so difficult that you die even from ordinary opponents, not to mention bosses the size of a high-rise building. But over time, through pain and overpowering, you hone your combat skills. 

The Quarry

Genre: Interactive horror inspired by Friday the 13th 

What to play on: PC on Steam; Xbox One and Xbox Series; PlayStation 4 and 

PlayStation 5. 

Description of the game. The young counselors of the Hacketts Quarry summer camp are getting ready to leave. Suddenly, their car breaks down. The head of the camp, Chris Hackett, in a panic, instructs the teenagers to lock themselves in the cottage until the morning, and he himself leaves. But the counselors ignore his demands and throw a noisy party. Soon the heroes realize that they did not listen to their superiors in vain.


The teenagers are hunted by monsters and strange locals, and all this time a ghost roams the forest. Not everyone will survive until dawn. Especially if you choose the wrong replica in the dialog or press the wrong button. 

The game captivates not with the gameplay, but with the plot. The scenario is cliched, but thanks to the dynamic action, it keeps you in suspense until the very end of the game. And the staging and acting in The Quarry are similar to cult teenage horror films – sometimes goofy, but exciting.

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