Builders Hut

Builders Hut coc

Builders Hut

The Builders Hut is required to build buildings, each hut will house 1 builder that builds and upgrades your village. In the tutorial you get 2 builders hut to get started. There are a total of 5 builders huts available, most players buy those with gems but it is also possible to collect the gems in-game with different challenges.

The third builders hut costs 500 gems, the fourth costs 1.000 gems and the fifth costs 2.000 gems.

In the beginning of the game most people will place the builders hut in the corners of the map, they hope that if a strong player attacks they can’t get 100% because they run out of time. This makes them an easy target for a single barbarian or archer. This will give the attacker more changes to get 50% of the base, which is worth 1 star.

Builders hut costs

Hitpoints: 250
Build Cost (first): Free
Build Cost (second): 250 gems
Build Cost (third): 500 gems
Build Cost (fourth): 1,000 gems
Build Cost (fifth): 2,000 gems
Build Time: N/A
Size: 2×2

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