TH4 Farm Base

th4 farm layout

This base is designed for the players who want to farm in th level 4. It is wise to stay in the 800 trophy range. The air defense is placed outside the village, although the air defense is a much needed defense at higher town hall levels it is not at th level 4, attackers usually ...

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TH4 War/Trophy Base

th4 trophy war base

In this th4 war and trophy layout we use the mortar in the middle of the village as main defense against barbarians and archers. The hit point defenses (cannon and archer tower) are placed on the outer ring to attack the giants and wall breakers. The Gold storage and elixir storage are placed between the walls to protect your valuable resources. ...

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Mortar Level 1

The mortar is one of the most valuable defense. It shoots explosive bombs at any troops that come into it’s range. They deal high splash damage and are very effective against groups of low health troops like the archer, barbarian or goblin. The mortar can only attack ground troops. They shoot a bomb every 5 seconds and have a high range of fire. ...

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