TH6 Farm Design

TH6 Farming Base layout

This th6 design in for farming purposes. The gold ad elixir storages are near the center. The town hall is placed outside the walls. Giving you a 12 hour shield when destroyed. The defenses are nicely spread out and your mortar and clan castle our in the center. Most players will skip this th6 base ...

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TH6 Clan War Base

th6 clan war layout

This is an effective th6 clan war base design. Your townhall is placed in the center, as well as the mortar and air defense. The single hit defenses are on the outer ring. Also the wizard towers are placed on the edge, with the mortars in the center this is giving a lot of splash damage to the attackers. The ...

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Hidden Tesla

Hidden Tesla coc

The hidden tesla is a defending building. It works other then normal defensing buildings. It is hidden underground, when a troop comes in it’s range (6 tiles trigger) it shoots out of the ground and starts attacking the units. This makes it a surprise defense. It can hit targets at max 7 tiles. When a village is destroyed more then ...

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