TH7 Clan War Base

TH7 clan war base

This th7 clan war base design is very effective. It is hard to get 1 star and most of the time no stars are won. The clan castle is placed in the center, so the clan castle troops aren’t lured out easy. Also the town hall 7 is in the center. Outside the walls you ...

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TH7 Farm Design


This town hall 7 base design is specially made for farming. The townhall is placed outside the walls. Trophy hunters will go for the quick win, what results in a loss of 10 trophies for you but you gain a 12 hour shield. Which is great, because the resource hunters can’t attack you now! The clan castle is placed in the ...

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X-Bow coc

The X-bow is an defensive building that shoots elixir. You must load it with elixir in order it to work. The x-bow has 2 settings: the first one to target ground units. The second one to target ground and air units. The range is 14-tiles for ground units only and 11 tiles for ground and air units. Appearance of the X ...

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