TH8 Clan War Base

th8 clan war base layout

This town hall 8 base design is special made for the clan wars. The priority in this base design is to protect the town hall and give resistance to a wide group of attacks. This town hall design can withstand most attacks with dragons, giants and other troops. This design uses funneling to attract giants ...

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TH8 Farm Design

TH8 farming base

This town hall level 8 base design is for players who farms intensely. It’s a well designed base that will stand strong against attacks and keeps your precious resources from being stolen. Most players find it hard to wipe out all your resources because they are stored behind different walls inside the base. That way almost nobody get it to ...

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Inferno Tower

Inferno Tower Level 1

The inferno tower is a defensive building that shoots a jet of flame to attackers. It has 2 modes: Single mode that attacks a single troop and Multi mode that attacks up to 5 troops at once. You must recharge the inferno tower with dark elixir in order it to keep working. It does not have a preferred target. Appearance ...

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