one unit raids

Attacking With 25 Valkyries

valkyrie only

In this video we are attacking with Valkyrie only. You can build 25 valkyries with level 6 army camps. We tried different strategies in 4 attacks: Deploying from 2 sides: Deploying in a line from 1 side: Deploying in a line with heroes: Deploying in a line with heroes timed: 25 valks cost 1750 dark ...

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50 Wizards Attack

Attacking with 50 wizards coc

In this video we attack with 50 wizards. The wizard is a strong troop with relative low health. It is vulnerable to hit point and splash damage defenses. The key is to spread them so they can do max damage while the defenses can’t attack them at once. In this video you see 3 attacks: Farming Gold and Elixir In ...

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Farming With Wallbreakers?

farming with wallbreakers

Is it possible to farm with wallbreakers? We asked our self this question and tried it! In this video you see 3 attacks with 100 level 5 wallbreakers: Farming full gold and elixir collectors near walls with wallbreakers. Is it possible to destroy all walls? Can you destroy a town hall with wallbreakers only? 100 level 5 wallbreakers cost 300.000 ...

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40 Balloons Attack

40 balloons coc

In this video we attack 3 bases with only 40 balloons. We experimented with balloons only, balloons with a hero and tried to attack a th9 base with our th8 balloons. Your main enemy with balloons are wizard towers and high level air defenses. The wizard towers will do a lot of splash damage against groups of balloons, because they ...

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40 Giants Attack

40 giants coc

Attacking with 40 level 5 Giants. We try to farm a little and go for some trophies. Beware of clan castle troops, they will attack your Giants but your Giants won’t attack back to the troops. They will go after the defenses first! This makes them very vulnerable for clan castle troops. A better strategy is the barch strategy or ...

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200 Archers Attack

200 archers coc

Attacking with 200 level 5 archers in clash of clans, nothing else. One unit series. Subscribe to our channel to follow our videos! We do 3 attacks: Looting elixir Looting dark elixir Getting 1 star A better strategy is the barch strategy.

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200 Goblins Attack

200 goblins

5 Attacks in clash of clans with 200 lvl5 goblins, nothing else. One unit series. The attacks gave us a total of: 830k loot (gold and elixir) We lost 91 Trophies

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200 Barbarian Attack

200 barbarians

We have done a experiment to attack with only barbarians. Our barracks can hold 200 lvl5 barbarians. It takes 17 minutes to build the full army with 4 barracks and it costs 20.000 elixir. We did 5 attacks and lost 45 trophies, we did get 575k loot. We do not recommend to attack with only barbarians, they can only attack ...

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100 Minion Attack

100 minions

This is a video about a 100 minions attack challenge/strategy. We have attacked 10 times and won a total of: 1.670.000 loot (gold and elixir) 169 trophies 100 minions cost 700 dark elixir to train. It takes 18 minutes to train 25 minions per dark barrack. With 2 dark barracks available at th level 8 we were able to train 25 minions per barrack at a time. So it took us 1.2 hours ...

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The cannon is the first building that a player of clash of clans build at the starting tutorial. They are cheap and effective at low levels and in the beginning of the game. They attack only ground units. The cannon is great as point defense against single units. They are strong against weak units like wall breakers, most of the ...

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