Clan Castle

Clan Castle

Clan Castle

You need the clan castle to join a clan. It can house troops that you can use in an atack or you can use the troops as defense. Once you start the game, the clan castle is a ruin and you can not use it. You must rebuild it first and then you can join a clan. You can move the clan castle once it is build. Not as ruin.

If you are in a clan you can request troops, you can do this every 20 minutes (or faster if you use gems), you can use your own message for the request. Other players will see this request in their chat window and can donate troops to your clan castle. They can donate a max of 5 troops to the clan castle. You can use these troops in a attack or leave them in your clan castle to help them defend your base.

For each troop you donate you receive experience points, you get 1 point for each housing space. A barbarian will give you 1 point and a giant will give you 5 points.

The loot you win in clan wars is awarded in your clan castle. You will need to tap on it and press collect, otherwise you don’t receive the loot.

Appearance of the clan castle



Clan Castle Level 1

Level 1

Clan Castle Level 2

Level 2

Clan Castle Level 3

Level 3

Clan Castle Level 4

Level 4

Clan Castle Level 5

Level 5

Clan Castle Level 6

Level 6

Defensive Strategy with the clan castle

  • It is wise to place the clan castle near the center of your village. That way your troops come out when they attack from an random direction.
  • Your troops come out if they detect an enemy in a 12 tile radius.
  • Clan castle troops jump over walls when defending.
  • Defensive units that survive will go back to the clan castle with full health. Ready for another defense.
  • It has a lot of hit points (2nd from town hall).
  • Troops that target defenses like the Giant will not attack the clan castle.
  • Troops that have no favorite target will go after the clan castle troops once they notice them. If your clan castle troops are inside a wall the troops will attack that wall first. Which gives you an advantage if you use archers or wizards because they attack over walls.
  • If your are attacked by air units, only archers, wizards, dragons or minions will come out to defend it. Any other troop will come out once a ground unit is used by the attacker.
  • If the clan castle is destroyed, all troops inside are trapped until you fix it.

Offensive Strategy with the clan castle

  • It is recommended to lure out the defending troops in the clan castle. You can do this by placing a unit in reach of the clan castle. Then you can attack the clan castle troops outside of the village. Otherwise your troops attack them while under enemy defense.
  • If you lure the troops out you can either surrender (If the troops are to heavy like dragons). Or attack them with your troops, when the troops are outside the castle they will go after your troops wherever you place them. So you can lure them to the corner of the field and attack them there. You can also use the lightning spell to take them out. That is very effective with low health troops like barbarians or archers.
  • If you use a lighting spell, it will only effect the defending troops. Not your troops.
  • A wizard can take out large groups of low level defenders due to their high splash damage.
  • If a clan castle has no clan shield it still can house troops. Don’t get fooled by that!
  • Your troops leave in the following order: BarbariansArchersGoblinsGiantsWall BreakersBalloonsWizardsHealersDragonsP.E.K.K.A.sMinionsHog RidersValkyries GolemsWitches. You can use this in your advantage, if you want to get rid of low health troops you can deploy the clan castle troops and then quickly  surrender. The other troops remain in your clan castle because they didn’t have time to come out.

Fun facts about the clan castle

  • A donated healer will heal damaged buildings.
  • Donated troops walk through  wall instead of jumping over them.
  • When you receive troops they march in from the top left corner. If you donate them they walk to the bottom right.

Clan castle building cost and time

Level Build Cost Hitpoints Troop capacity WarGold WarElixir WarDark Elixir Build Time ExperienceGained Town Hall level required
Ruined Any
1 40,000 1,000 10 75,000 75,000 100 Instant 0 3
2 100,000 1,400 15 200,000 200,000 500 6 hours 146 4
3 800,000 2,000 20 400,000 400,000 1,000 1 day 293 6
4 1,800,000 2,600 25 700,000 700,000 2,000 2 days 415 8
5 5,000,000 3,000 30 1,000,000 1,000,000 5,000 7 days 777 9
6 7,000,000 3,400 35 1,500,000 1,500,000 10,000 14 days 1099 10
Range Size
12 tiles 3×3

Clan castle strategy Video

This video will tell you the ins and outs of the clan castle and how to use it effectively.

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