Clan Games August 13th – August 20th – RESOURCE RAIDS

The next clan games are planned for August 13th – August 20th. Here you will find all Tiers and rewards.

clan games

clan war games

Tiers & Rewards:

  • Total time: 7 days
  • Challenges: 12
  • Max points per player: 4000

The rewards are in the following tiers:

  1. 3000 points – Resources or 20 Gems
  2. 7500 points – 1x Wall Ring, 1x Resource Potion or 2x Training Potion
  3. 12000 points – Resources or 40 Gems
  4. 18000 points – 3x Training Potion, 2x Builder Potion or 3x Power Potion
  5. 30000 points – 1x Book of Fighting, 1x Book of Building or 5x Training Potion
  6. 50000 points – 1x Rune of Elixir, 1x Rune of Gold or 10x Wall Ring

Boosts challenges:

All tasks associated with collecting resources or destroying collectors, and other related tasks will give double points. This is for:

What are your thoughts of the clan games?

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