COC August 2017 updates

The next Clash of Clans update is in sight, we are expecting it to be live in August 2017. They don’t have a official release date or list so it is not 100% sure it will be in August. Be sure to check for updates in this article as they will be added if we get news. The updates appear on the top of this article.

Shrink Trap event (August 18th)

You can buy a temporary shrink trap for 12.500 gold. It will shrink troops when they trigger it. They get slower, make less damage and have lower hitpoints. If troops trigger it it will shrink every troop in it’s radius. Including the heroes.

Giants Building A Suprise Event (August 11)

This was the second Clashiversary event and a giant was in every builders hut when you destroyed it. This event is over.

Clash of clans inverview about the future

Darian from Supercell has given an interview about the future of clash of clans. It is a nice interview with some helpful insights.

Battle Ram (August 4)

This was a temporary event where you could use battle rams, this event is over.

1 Gem boost(August 2)

You could boost all your mines for 1 gem each for 7 days. This event is over.

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