coc halloween update
Clash of CLans halloween update.

COC Halloween Update

Official Supercell announcement:

New permanent trap: The Skeleton Trap!

✔ Ambush and distract your enemies with a small group of Skeleton troops! They might be short-lived, but will certainly get some attention.

✔ Skeleton Traps can be set to target either ground troops or air troops. Find the right mix of trap modes for your village!

✔ Skeleton Traps become available at Town Hall 8 and can be upgraded to deploy more skeletons at once.

Limited-time treats lasting through Halloween weekend

✔ 1-gem Spell Factory boost special is back!

✔ Harvest some bonus Elixir from special Halloween Headstone obstacles

Clan profile and search improvements

✔ Specify your Clan’s war frequency in your Clan profile, anything from always to never

✔ Specify your Clan’s location, or declare it as International

✔ Search other Clans by war frequency, location, member count and minimum clan points, even without specifying a search name

✔ Know what Clan you’re searching for? Search via hashtag to get the exact result you need.

✔ Clan descriptions can now be much longer!

Increased League bonus and more War loot

✔ Get at least 20% more Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir from Clan Wars, win or lose!

✔ Keep more of your war loot even if your Clan doesn’t win the Clan War

✔ Store more war loot in your Clan Castle

✔ Get a bigger League bonus from winning multiplayer battles in all Leagues

Boost improvements

✔ Boost all buildings of the same type with one button

Barracks, Spell Factory and Hero boosts will now be automatically paused during maintenance and can be resumed later for free

✔ Slightly reduced boost cost for Elixir Pump level 11, Gold Mine level 11 and Dark Elixir Drill levels 5 & 6

Other Interface Improvements

✔ New Mortar at Town Hall 8

✔ Player profile now shows the highest unlocked level of a player’s troops, heroes and spells!

✔ The Hero icons will now show Hero ability status also in replays

Army camp contents are now visible to visitors in the Army Camp info screen

✔ Time to remove obstacles is now lower

✔ Increased War loot storage capacity on all Clan Castle levels

Supercell announced a new update in October 2014. It’s called the Halloween update or the Halloween event. It will feature a Halloween theme to the village obstacles and spells. You will also get the famous 1 gem boost for your spell factory, there will also be a special obstacle called the “Halloween Headstone” which will give you 50.000 elixir. We have a list with all updates.

Boost improvement

coc boost improvement

Boost improvement Clash of Clans.

If there is a maintenance break you will get an automatic boost pause for your spells, barracks and heroes. After the break you can tap on the “resume” button and your boost will continue. This way you don’t loose any boost time during breaks.

Clan Settings

coc clan settings

Clan settings Clash of Clans.

There will be new clan settings and there is a advanced clan search feature. You can search for clan location (by country or international), war frequency, member count and clan points .

Clan Tag

coc clan tag

Clan tag Clash of Clans.

Each clan will have a unique clan tag, there where several problems finding some clans due to duplicate names. Especially with the popular clans. With the unique clan tag this problem is gone.

Skeleton Trap

coc skeleton trap

Skeleton trap Clash of Clans.

There will be a new trap named the skeleton trap. It will cost 6.000 gold and the description is: “Ambush and distract unsuspecting foes with a surprise skirmish of short-lived, but sneaky skeleton troops! Skeleton Traps can be configured to pursue either ground or air troops.

skeleton trap

Skeleton trap

The skeleton trap will have 3 levels, the higher the more skeletons it can spawn.

Halloween Weekend


Halloween Weekend

During the Halloween weekend there will be a few temporary features:

  • The pumpkin bomb.
  • Halloween themed obstacles.
  • Some troops are lowered in training time and costs.
  • 1 Gem boost for the spell factory.


There are going a few rumors that are not officially announced. It is not sure if these are true:

  • 4th Mortar

    In a few videos there are shown villages with 4 mortars.

  • Town hall 11

    A lot of Youtubers are talking about this but it is not officially announced. Town Hall 9 was introduced in the 2012 Halloween update so it is possible.

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