Freeze Spell

Freeze Spell

Freeze Spell

With the freeze spell you can temporary freeze enemy defenses and ground troops. During this time the troops that are in its radius stop moving and attacking. This will not affect your own troops.  Enemy troops that are outside the radius of the freeze spell also aren’t effected.

The hidden tesla is only affected by this spell once it is revealed. It is wise to use this spell on a splash damage defense like the wizard tower or mortar if you have a large group of barbarians or goblins near it.

Also an effective strategy with the freeze spell is to disable the air defenses and deploy a few balloons to take it out.

If your high health troops are destroyed and there are low health troops left (like the barbarians and archers) it is wise to freeze the splash defenses near them, this can be a game saver in a lot of matches.


Freeze spell effect and levels

Level Freeze Time Cost Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Laboratory Level Required
1 4 seconds 26,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 5 seconds 29,000 4,000,000 5 days 8
3 6 seconds 31,000 5,000,000 7 days 8
4 7 seconds 33,000 6,500,000 10 days 8
5 8 seconds 35,000 8,000,000 14 days 8

Freeze spell Statistics

Radius Time to Create Spell Factory Level Required
3.5 Tiles 45 minutes 5

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