Giant-Healer Strategy

Giant-Healer Attack Strategy coc

Giant-Healer Attack Strategy

This strategy is the most effective effective if your town hall level is between 6 and 9.

The main goal of this strategy is raiding villages for their resources, but it can 3 star a base with ease too!

This strategy uses Giants and wall breakers to take out the air defenses first, then you deploy the healers and let the Giants take out all the splash damage. Once the splash damage buildings like the mortar and wizard towers are destroyed you sent in the rest of your troops. Mostly barbarians, archers or goblins. But you can use the stronger wizard too.

Giant-Healer Strategy Video

In this video you see the giant healer strategy. Want more text and clarification? Then scroll down!

Step 1: Find the right village

Search for villages with lots of resources and low level air defenses that are placed in the outside of a village and can be easy taken out. If the player is upgrading an air defense you see a worker hammering on it. Upgrading air defenses are great too as they don’t work.

Find a village to raid

Search for easy to destroy air defenses.

Step 2: Take out the air defenses

This step is very important, with air defenses active your healers have no change of surviving. Deploy a few Giants close to the air defenses and take out the wall with wall breakers.

3 lighting spells can take out one air defense too.

Take out air defense

Take outthe air defense.

Step 3: deploy the healers

When the air defenses are destoyed you can deploy the healers and the rest of your Giants. Most players use 15 giants in 1 or 2 groups. Each with 1 or 2 healers to support them.

Deploy the healers

Deploy the healers

Step 4: Let the Giants take out the defenses

Now it is time to wait. Let your giants take out the defenses, they are constantly healed so don’t worry. The key here is to wait… This is sometimes difficult but wait until the defenses are taken down. Especially for the splash damage like the mortar and wizard tower.

Wait to destroy all defenses

Wait to destroy all defenses

Step 5: Deploy the rest of the troops

Now it is time to deploy your barbarians, archers, goblins or wizards to take down the rest of the village and raid all the resources. It is wise to deploy them before the 1 minute mark to give them enough time.

Raided village

Raided village

If you have done everything correct you should haves raided all resources and have at least 2 stars. If you do this a lot you will be able to raid almost every base with 3 stars.

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