The Goblin

The Goblin

The goblin is a green creature that haves 1 goal: Loot! They are the troop to go if you want to raid that precious gold or elixir.

The Golbin is ideal in looting strategies, it does double the damage to resource buildings (Gold mines, elixir storages, gold storage, elixir collector). Because of that it delas 2x the damage to those buildings than barbarians and 3x more than archers. Their health is between an archer and barbarian.

It is also the fastests ground unit and they attack resources first. It is wise to deploy some other troops as meat shield first. Like the Giant that can take muche more damage and can distract the splash damage defences.

Appearance of the Goblin

Goblin level 1 & 2

Level 1 & 2

Goblin level 3 & 4

Level 3 & 4

Goblin level 5

Level 5

Goblin level 5

Level 6

Offensive Strategy With Goblin

  • Goblins are weak against splash damage defenses like the mortar and wizard tower , especially when you group lots of goblins together. You can use stronger troops as “Meat Shield” like Giants, the defenses will go after them instead of the goblins. Also spwaning them in waves is often better than all in one.
  • If the defenses are down the goblins are also very effective to take down other buildings because of their fast movement.
  • In the single player campgain they are very usefull to dismantle traps, they run so fast that traps deal no damage to them but they will go off.
  • They are good when stealing resources, the best way is to use a few giants as meat shield, then some wall breakers to clear the route to the loot and then use the goblins to go for the gold or elixir.
  • Another strategy is  as following:  first kill all the defenses with Giants and balloons supported by the healer (Watch out for air defense, take them out first) thendeploy your goblins, they take care of the rest.

Defensive Strategy With Goblin

  • Goblins have the most damage of all Tier 1 units, they are also the fastest. Especially if their are small numbers of Giants they are strong in defense.
  • Use your splash damage defenses to attack them. It is usefull to place the wizard towers close towards the resources you want to defense. They take the goblins out in groups fast. Also place your mortars strategically to take out groups of goblins.
  • In the clan castle they are very fast in engaging enemy troops compared to the other troops.

Fun Facts about the Goblin

  • Goblins are the fastest moving units, along with the minions.
  • You can have a maximum of 240 goblins in your maxed out army camps. This can be increased with 35 extra if you have maxed out your clan castle.
  • They are faster than the spring trap, they don’t get launched if they walk over one.
  • In the single player they attack defenses first, in multiplayer they attack resources first.
  • They don’t have the clan castle as favorite target. But the clan castle can containt loot earned in wars.


Preferred Target Attack Type Housing Space Training Time Movement Speed Attack Speed Barracks Level Required Range
Resources Damage(x2) Melee (Ground Only) 1 30s 32 1s 3 0.4 tiles

Research and training cost

Level Damage per Second Damage per Second on Resources Hitpoints Training Cost Elixir Research Cost Elixir Laboratory Level Required Research Time
1 11 22 25 25 N/A N/A N/A
2 14 28 30 40 50,000 1 12 hours
3 19 38 36 60 250,000 3 2 days
4 24 48 43 80 750,000 5 3 days
5 32 64 52 100 2,250,000 6 5 days
6 42 84 68 150 4,500,000 8 10 days

Goblin Video

Watch 200 goblins steal that loot!

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