GoWiPe Strategy

The GoWiPe strategy is a very effective strategy to get 2 or 3 star in high developed bases. It is also a very expensive attack strategy.

GoWiPe stands for: Golem, Wizard, Pekka. This strategy is recommended for clan wars or trophy hunting when resources are no problem. The higher level your troops the better.

The global strategy is to use the Golems as meat shield, use the wizards to take out the splash damage towers and deploy then deploy the pekkas for an all in destruction.

Which bases to attack with GoWiPe

You will be looking for bases without the inferno tower, the inferno tower is your greatest enemy! Further it is recommended to attack bases with low level splash damages. Besides that you can attack almost every other village.

How to attack with GoWiPe

First you deploy your Golems, you can use a few wall breakers to clear out the first few walls. When the Golems are in the base you deploy your wizards in a line behind them. It is important to deploy them in a line, because the splash damage is not effective this way. If the outside layer of buildings is destroyed you must deploy your pekkas, they have a very high damage per second and will destroy the inside of the base very fast. Be sure to attack from one side, the best side is where there are the most splash damage defenses in a small area.

Weakness of GoWiPe

The true enemy of the GoWiPe are the inferno tower, it can take out a golem or pekka very fast. That way you have no more meat shield. Also hidden teslas are bad against the pekka because of its double damage against it.

Amy Sizes for GoWiPe

Depending on your town hall level you can have higher level troops, it is obvious that higher is better. Your standard GoWiPe army will look like this:

  • 4 Wizards
  • 2 Golems
  • 4 pekkas

You can fill up the remaining spaces with more wizards or a few wall breakers.

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