Spend Gems wisely
Spend Gems wisely

How to spend your gems wisely

Spending gems in clash of clans is an easy thing to do. Just buy them and spend them on troops, resources or building time. But what is the best way to maximize your gem spending?

The folks at Gamasutra made a excellent post about time vs money in spending gems in clash of clans. We borrowed some of their images to write this post.

What does is cost to spend gems?

Cost in gems per day

Cost in gems per day

This picture shows how many time you can buy for your gems. This time i used to complete the buildings times or research times. According to this graph you get a better deal when the upgrade takes longer.

Gem costs per day

Gem costs per day

Here you see what a gem cost per day if you compare it to building times. It is clearly more expensive to use gems for low building times. Use your gems wise and spend it on long updates.

What do gems cost?

You can buy gems for real money. How many gems can you actually buy?

Gems Price Gems per $ $ Per Gem
500 $2.99 167 $0.0060
1.200 $6.99 172 $0.0058
2.500 $13.99 179 $0.0056
14.000 $69.99 200 $0.0050

As you can see in above table a gem is cheaper when you buy them in bulk. If you do have the money and want to spend it anyway it is better to buy gems in bulk instead of buying small amounts of gems. The discount for 14.000 gems is 16.4%. A lot less than the discount you get when skipping a long lasting update.

The best deal you can have is to buy 14.000 gems and use it to skip a week upgrade. You pay $0.0000008 per second skipped that way.


  • Skipping more time costs more money, but you get a better deal.
  • The pricing algorithm graph consists of a series of linear line segments.
  • The nice thing about using a linear segment graph is that it allows you to set and tweak specific price points in a easy to understand way.
  • The discount for skipping a longer time-piece is far more generous than the discount for buying a larger gem pack.
  • The generous discount for skipping longer stretches of time is essential. Without it prices would quickly become prohibitive and nobody would buy them.

Be sure to see the authors  blog for more game related news: Allworkallplay.

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