Attacking With Dragons
Attacking With Dragons

How To Attack With Dragons

This guide is for players who are th7 or th8 and want to get better at attacking with dragons. Especially in clan wars dragons are a good way to 3 star a base for th7 and th8 players. There are a few advantages and a few disadvantages.

Advantages of Attacking With Dragons

  • It cost no dark elixir.
  • You can 3 star most bases.
  • Does great damage and dragons have great health.
  • Walls are not a problem.
  • th7 already haves level 2 dragons.


Disadvantages of Attacking With Dragons

  • It is very expensive.
  • Still vulnerable to high level air defense.
  • Needs some practice.
  • Takes a long time to train

There are alternate attack strategies like the giant-healer strategy, hogs or other ones. But with giant-healer it is hard to 3 star a base and hogs cost a lot of dark elixir.


Dragon attack strategy video

In this video you will be told step by step how to attack with dragons in clash of clans.


 Step 1. Finding the right base

It is important to find the right base to attack with your dragons. Not all bases are good enough to attack. What you will be looking for is if the air defense is clustered or on the edges, this is both good. Evenly spread out air defenses are bad for dragons. Other defenses like the archer tower or wizard tower do to minimal damage to threaten your dragons.

It is also important to look for a way to lure the enemy’s clan castle troops out.

Clustered air defense

Example of a clustered air defense which is good to attack.

Spread out air defense

Example of spread out air defense. Dragons are weaker against this bases.

Step 2. Make the right army

When you are town hall 7 or 8 you should have 200 army spaces available. If not, be sure to upgrade them as fast as possible, it is the most important upgrade to make! Your army should look like this:

  • 5 barbarians
  • 15 archers
  • 9 dragons
  • 1 dragon in your clan castle
  • 3 rage spells
  • Barbarian King

Step 3. Lure out the clan castle troops and heroes

Lure the clan castle troops out by placing a barbarian close to it. When the troops are out lure them to the edge of the map with some more barbarians. When the heroes and clan castle troops are in the corner out of reach of any defenses you deploy your Barbarian king and archers to destroy them. You can deploy an extra dragon to help them, be sure to lure the troops to the corner you want to start the attack.

Lure the troops out

1. Lure the troops out

Troops lured out

2. Troops lured out

Lure them to the edge

3. Lure them to the edge

Kill the clan castle troops

4. Kill the clan castle troops

Step 4.  Start the actual attack

When you have decided from which side you want to attack you can deploy your dragons in a straight line. Do not deploy your dragons on 1 spot, that way they are a lot more vulnerable to enemy defenses and can only attack one building at a time.

The best way to deploy your dragons is in a line and in such way they each attack the building next to each other. This way they will do maximum damage while taking less damage. Also deploy your dragon in your clan castle.

Spread your dragons in a line

Spread your dragons in a line

Step 5. The spells

Don’t use your spells to fast! It’s a common rookie mistake. The key is to use your spell in such way that the dragons can attack the air defense from within the spell. Make sure you place the spell next to the air defense and not on the air defense. You want to make sure the dragons use the rage spell to quickly destroy the buildings that lay before the air defenses and then take out the air defense while in the rage spell. This way you maximize the time the dragons are in the spell. Your main goal with the spells is to take out the air defenses quick.

1. Use rage spells when close to air defense.

1. Use rage spells when close to air defense.

2. Take the air defenses out.

2. Take the air defenses out.

If you follow these steps and practice a bit you will notice that you can 3 star almost every base up to some th9 bases while you are th7 or th8. Offcourse this strategy works the best with high level dragons and rage spells. Make sure to upgrade them to the max levels. It is also necessary to have 200 army places available. An upgraded Barbarian King is also handy.

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