Level 47 – Rolling Terror

Loot available in level 47 – Rolling Terror: 500.000 Gold, 500.000 Elixir.

Troops needed:

6 x dragon

56 x archer

4 x giant

2 x wall breaker

You need to destroy the air defenses but they are heavily defended by hidden tesla’s. Here is how to do it:

  1. Drop a giant to distract the hidden tesla’s. Directly place 2 wallbreakers.
  2. Drop the 3 lightning spells between the hidden tesla’s and the air defenses.
  3. Deploy the rest of the giants and the archers to take down the air defense.
  4. Deploy the dragons:
    • In all 4 corners if the air defenses are destroyed.
    • Or all near the air defense that is left to destroy it quickly.

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