Level 48 – Mega Mansion

Loot available in level 48 – Mega Mansion: 600.000 Gold, 600.000 Elixir.

Troops needed:

105 x archer

17 x giant

5 x wall breaker

1 ~ 3 healing spells

The goal is to destroy the wizard towers and the hit defenses before your troops die. Here is how:

  1. Deploy 1 giant to distract both wizard towers. Place 8 archers around each wizard tower.
  2. Take out the top archer tower with 10 archers. Spread them out for the mortars.
  3. Deploy all 16 giants at the outside archer tower. Then break the wall with 2 wall breakers.
  4. Drop a couple of archers to back up the giants.
  5. Release the healing spells one by one if your giants get in red.
  6. Destroy the archer tower on the other side of the village with the remaining archers.

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