Level 49 – PEKKA’s Playhouse

Loot available in level 49 – PEKKA’s Playhouse: 700.000 Gold, 700.000 Elixir.

Troops needed:

This level is a bit challenging with the timing but you can make it with th level 7 or 8 troops. No pekkas or dragons needed!

  1. Deploy 2 wall breakers at the bottom to set off the giant bombs and spring traps.
  2. Deploy 3 giants and 19 archers (spread out) at each wizard tower/archer tower combo.
  3. Deploy 3 wall breakers to set the path to the air defense.
  4. Deploy 7 giants to destroy the middle air defense. You can use a healing spell here.
  5. When the air defense is destroyed, deploy the last 7 giants and the healers.
  6. The giant will go around now and destroy the defenses and later the village. Use healing spells where needed. You can also add your barbarian king to help.

You may need to deploy some more or less archers per wizard tower or air defense. Depending on the level and the way they are attacked by the mortars. You can also use the healing spells to protect your giants in the different stages.

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