Level 50 – Sherbet Towers

Loot available in level 50 – Sherbet Towers: 800.000 Gold, 800.000 Elixir.

Troops needed:

6 x pekka

4 x wall breaker

2 x dragon

This level is very easy compared to the other top levels. Just blow up the top wall with your wall breakers then release your pekkas with the 3 healing spells. And they have destroyed the air defenses you release the dragons. We will do a new guide soon for sherbet towers without the use of pekkas so you can do it with th7 troops.

This guide is done with level 1 pekkas and level 1 dragons!

1. Deploy the 4 wall breakers at the top wall.

2. Deploy the 6 pekka’s and a healing spell to keep them in good condition.

3. Release the other 2 healing spells where needed.

4. When the air defenses are down deploy your dragons, they will do the rest.

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