New technologies for online payments in casinos

When it comes to online payment in the casino industry, it’s a rapidly evolving area with a change in technology every day. Money matters are one serious event that customers take with apparent precision and accuracy. The payment platform your preferred casino chooses should ensure that your credit and debit card information is safe and secure. The gambling industry gets regulated by law, and it is required to protect and safeguard their client’s data from unauthorized access. This is also the case for It’s advisable as a player or gambler to do some due diligence on the casino by ensuring that their website gets secured by a secure socket layer commonly referred to as SSL.

Traditionally, many casino players get used to payments platforms centered around the following technologies;

Debit and credit cards

These platforms form the earliest technologies to get adopted into the casino industry and the gambling world. The system is universally accepted, and the latest software security features have been incorporated into these platforms to protect and safeguard client’s data. These cards are accepted worldwide, Europe and let’s say Pay n Play Casinos in Germany. Visa card, MasterCard and maestro form part of the popular debit and credit cards widely used in the gambling industry.

For instance, the visa card controls approximately 7 billion dollars in net income from the casino world alone.

Of late, we have witnessed a change from the traditional debit and credit card systems that dominated the industry in yesteryear’s to an influx of modern technologies that are currently driving the casino industry’s growth.

Electronic Wallet or E-Wallet

Electronic wallets or e-wallets form part of the latest payment technologies to entrant the gambling business. E-wallets are quite flexible, and customers can deposit or even make withdrawals from their accounts from the comfort of their seats. Digital wallets have revolutionized the way we manage and control our expenditure and how we deposit and make transactions as they are, in most cases, instant.
E-wallets come in various forms depending on the technology behind and the platforms it supports. Some of the famous and widely used e-wallets include;

  • Neteller
    If you happen to take a sample of any serious gambler and new entrant into the industry and ask randomly of their preferred payment platform, it will be quite hard if you fail to have them mention Neteller. Neteller is of the most used digital payment platform in the casino world. Almost any serious casino allows its customers to move their funds via this platform. Neteller has wide acceptability worldwide, and its support is quite fantastic.
  • Skrill
    Another payment technology with huge acceptability in the online casino businesses is Skrill. Skrill started as a moneybooker, and later it metamorphosed to its current brand name. Initially, Skrill offered payment services mainly for the social media giant Facebook, e-commerce giant eBay and the communication giant Skype. Recently, Skrill has expanded its services to provide casino payment services for its customers.
  • PayPal
    PayPal is quite a popular payment platform outside of the casino business. It’s one of the leading digital payment processors ever to hit the market since its inception around 1998. What makes PayPal quite sensational is its widespread wings to over 200 countries globally. Another winning point for PayPal technology is that it accepts approximately 25 currencies away from the traditional US dollars offered by the other platform. Its customer base has close to 300 million active users, making it among widely accepted digital payment platform.
  • EcoPayz
    If you take a sample size of Asian and middle east online gamblers, EcoPayz is part of their daily life as their favorite digital wallet of choice. EcoPayz is developed and owned by PSI-Pay Ltd, and it got introduced into the market around the year 2000. EcoPayz comes with one of the most sophisticated security technology, but its design is quite friendly and well-designed for mobile apps for those who prefer hand-held devices.
  • Paysafecard
    To many, Paysafecard is known to them for prepaid services the card offers rather than it getting recognized as a digital e-wallet. One advantage Paysafecard offers its gamblers and casino players at large is its ability to pay for services almost anywhere. The technology is quite fantastic in a way that it can be used both in online services and offline. Paysafecard is among the best technology one can use to refill their online casino account with funds.


The other big buzz in the casino industry, especially on payment technologies, is the emergence of cryptocurrencies and its wide adoption in the market. They are the latest entrant into the casino industry and the gambling business as a whole. Currently, almost all casinos and gambling site has this option on top of their payment platform. What makes cryptocurrencies get a wide adoption in the market is their anonymity, safety and they do not involve a lot of transactions to make a payment. Similarly, cryptocurrencies support a wide range of currencies, with the following taking a leading role.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
    Well, Bitcoin became a global sensation a while back, and it is one of the cryptocurrencies with international acceptance. A wide range of casino players prefers to use Bitcoin as it is safer than conventional payment systems. Also, the value of bitcoin makes it quite an attraction to many. The only negative side with this payment technology is that Bitcoin attracts relatively higher fees than other payment processors.
  • Ethereum (ETH)
    Ethereum has many similarities with Bitcoin, and to some, it’s like having an updated version of bitcoin. Ethereum has the upper hand compared to Bitcoin in that this cryptocurrency can run almost all types of programs. This reason makes ETH casinos offer nearly instant withdrawals on wins, something different from the other cryptocurrencies. Another advantage of adopting and using Ethereum as your payment technology in your casino is that it is safer, and its fees are relatively low compared to those of bitcoins.
  • Litecoin
    Litecoin comes with an advantage, especially to low-risk-takers, as it allows gamblers to take small risks yet faster transactions. Also, Litecoin rates are super friendly and affordable. If you happen to be a bit inexperienced in matters related to gambling, Litecoin is your safe haven and a soft landing point.

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