Night Witch Attack Strategy

The Night Witch only attack is an effective strategy in the Builder hall of Clash of Clans. All you need is night witches only and a war machine.

Night Witch attack strategy video

In this video the attack strategy for night witches is explained in detail.

Step 1: Locate the Multi Mortar

The multi mortar is your nr 1 enemy in the night witch attack, this attack is most suitable when you can destroy it with either the war machine or if it is deeper in the base with the bats.

Step 2: Deploy the war machine

Deploy the war machine in the far side of the multi mortar, use it’s ability straight away.

Step 3: Deploy the Night Witches

Wait for your war machine to start hitting the outside buildings and re use it’s ability if possible. Now deploy the night witches in the same spot as the war machine. Your war machine will start to demolish some buildings and when the bats arrive the outside buildings will be gone soon. Hopefully your war machine or bats will attack the multi mortar. This is important because the night witches are very vulnerable to the multi mortar.

Keep activating the war machine’s ability and watch the base being destroyed.

Some tips

  • Take out the Multi Mortar quick
  • Watch out for the Roaster
  • Watch out for the Crusher (For the war machine)

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