Rage Spell

Rage Spell

Rage Spell

The rage spell places a ring in the battlefield, when troops are in this ring they are boosted in speed and damage they do. Healers can heal faster when they are in the spells ring.

The damage boost is a percentage of the troops max damage, the speed boost is fixed (see the table below).  This is making it more effective for high damage troops like pekkas or dragons.

You can combine the rage spell with the healing spell, this makes troops faster, stronger and more durable.

If you use the rage spell on heroes, they grow twice their size. If you place multiple rage spell on each other it has no extra effect, unlike the healing spell where you can.

Rage spell effects and upgrades

Level Damage Boost Speed Boost Cost Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Laboratory Level Required
1 130% 20 23,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 140% 22 25,000 450,000 2 days 3
3 150% 24 27,000 900,000 3 days 4
4 160% 26 30,000 1,800,000 5 days 5
5 170% 28 33,000 3,000,000 7 days 6

Rage spell parameters

Radius Number of Pulses Time Between Pulses Boost Time Time to Create Spell Factory Level Required
5 tiles 60 0.3s 1s 45 minutes 3

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