Skeleton coc


The skeleton is summoned by the witch to help her in the battle. They attack like the Barbarian, they have lower health but move faster.

How many skeletons a witch summon is depending of the witch level.

Multiple witches can summon large amounts of skeletons.

If a skeleton dies, the witch summons a new one.

Appearance of the skeleton

Skeleton Level 1 & 2

Skeleton Level 1 & 2

Offensive strategy with the skeleton

  • They are very useful to take down a village because they can respawn.
  • If used with the jump spell you don’t have to take down any walls.

Defensive strategy with the skeleton

  • If you have a witch in your clan castle it keeps deploying skeletons until your witch dies.

Skeleton Parameters

Preferred Target Attack Type Movement Speed Attack Speed Range
None Melee (Ground Only) 24 1s 0.4 tiles
Damage per Second Damage Per Attack Hitpoints
25 25 45

Skeleton Video

An skeleton attack strategy video with witches, balloons and wall breakers.

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