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Clash Of Clans Update September 2018 – Clan War Leagues

Clan war leagues

It is likely that Clash of Clans will come with a new update in Septemebr 2018. We will update you with the latest news, rumors and inside information. Clan War Leagues In the 6th Anniversary Stream iTzu openend a box that said “Clan war leagues”: Then with no further comments the stream ended. You can re watch ...

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Archer Queen Altar

Archer Queen Altar coc

The Archer Queen Altar houses the archer queen, she circles around the archer queen altar to defend your village. It costs 40.000 dark elixir to build so it is a pretty expensive build. Once the archer queen altar is build you have access to the archer queen. The archer queen can defend your village or you can attack other villages ...

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Barbarian King Altar

barbarian king altar coc

The Barbarian King Altar is the home for the barbarian king. When the barbarian king defends your village he is walking around the altar. If the barbarian king is injured in battle he sleeps on the altar until he is healed. The barbarian king altar costs 10.000 dark elixir to build. When build you have instant access to the barbarian ...

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Spell Factory

Spell Factory COC

You can create spells in the spell factory, there are 5 different spells: The Lightning Spell, Healing Spell, Rage Spell, Jump spell and the Freeze spell. You can use those spells in the battle and each spell haves its own unique features that really can boost your battle performance. Each spell that you create you can use once, the spell ...

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laboratory coc

In the laboratory you can upgrade your troops to make them stronger in attacks and get them to take more damage in attacks. You can also upgrade your spells in the laboratory. You can’t cancel a research that is in progress but you can finish it immediately with gems. A builder is not needed to upgrade any troops or spells. The final ...

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Dark Barracks

Dark Barracks coc

You can train dark elixir troops in the dark barracks. You can attack with this troops just like normal troops. They take in space in your army camps. The troops that you can train cost dark elixir. When you upgrade the dark barracks the training of troops stops until the upgrade is finished. You can speed up the troop training process ...

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Barracks coc

You can train troops in the barracks. With these troops you can attack other players or play the single player missions. It cost elixir to train troops. How much is depending on the troop. If you upgrade a barrack you cannot use it until it is finished. You can speed up the training using gems, the troops are instant ready. ...

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Army Camp

Army camp coc

The troops that you train are located in your army camp. You can attack with the troops that are in your army camps. They don’t defend your village. Troops that are queued in your barracks can’t attack until they are trained. If your army camp is destroyed your troops will survive. Every troop you train takes in a amount of ...

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