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Clan Games August 13th – August 20th – RESOURCE RAIDS

clan games

The next clan games are planned for August 13th – August 20th. Here you will find all Tiers and rewards. Tiers & Rewards: Total time: 7 days Challenges: 12 Max points per player: 4000 The rewards are in the following tiers: 3000 points – Resources or 20 Gems 7500 points – 1x Wall Ring, 1x ...

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Dark Barracks

Dark Barracks coc

You can train dark elixir troops in the dark barracks. You can attack with this troops just like normal troops. They take in space in your army camps. The troops that you can train cost dark elixir. When you upgrade the dark barracks the training of troops stops until the upgrade is finished. You can speed up the troop training process ...

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