Normal Troops

Normal troops are the troops first unlocked in the game, you can train them with elixir. They are created in the barracks and stored in the army camps.

Troops can be upgraded in the laboratory, they will get stronger and better the more you upgrade them.

Each troop does have it’s own strength and weakness. Troops like the barbarian, archer and goblin are strong in groups but vulnerable to splash damage defenses like the mortar. Special troops like the wall breaker and healer have specific tasks.  Some troops are flying troops, like the dragon and balloon. They can fly over the base and walls have no effect on them, special air defenses are their greatest enemy.

The P.E.K.K.A is the strongest troop of them all dealing massive hit points with high health. Their number one enemy is the hidden tesla, it deals twice the damage to the pekka.

You can mix all troops for powerfull armies and strategies, like the giant-healer strategy, the balloonion or the gowipe strategy!

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