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Trophies in Clash of Clans

Trophies are the basis “points” on which your village is placed in the leagues. You can win or lose trophies by doing multiplayer battles. You can also win or lose trophies if someone attacks you. If your defense wins you earn trophies and if your defense looses you lose trophies  (1 star is a lose).

Depending on the trophies you have you will be placed in a league, you can attack players in the same trophy levels.

Top players

The top 200 players and clans are listed in the leaderboard. Here you can also see how the top 200 people are ranked for your country.

Clan rewards

The top 10 of the 3 best ranked clans get an reward every end of the trophy league. The rewards are:

  • 1st place clan: 2.000 gems per player. (20.000 total)
  • 2th place clan: 1.000 gems per player. (10.000 total)
  • 3th place clan: 600 gems per player. (6.000 total)


You can win gems by getting some achievements:

  • Sweet victory – get 1250 trophies. Reward: 450 gems.
  • All-star league
    • get 2000 trophies. Reward: 250 gems
    • get 2600 trophies. Reward: 1000 gems
    • get 3200 trophies. Reward: 2000 gems

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