save your clash of clans account
save your clash of clans account

Use Game Center or Google+ to save your village

If you don’t want to lose your account it is recommended to connect your village to the Game Center (ios) or Google+ (Android). If your device gets broken, stolen, lost or reset you lose the ability to play your village. If you move to a new device your village will not transfer with you UNLESS you save to Game Center/Google+.

Game Center is an ios app on your Apple device. It saves all progress for the games you are playing on the Apple servers. It also serves a social function; you can connect with friends, see each others progress, create challenges and complete achievements.

It is pretty easy to save your village. You will need:

  • Your own device.
  • Your own village.
  • A Game Center account.

Your village will automatically be saved in your logged in Game Center account.

If you don’t have a connected account you can create a new Game Center account and start Clash Of Clans. Your base will then automatically connect itself with this Game Center account.

How will I know that Game Center works?

You can see the Game Center sign-in message when you start Clash Of Clans. It will state: Welcome back, Player. If you see this message your account is liked with Game Center.

game center loaded coc

If you see this message your coc account is connected.

I’m logged in to an other game center account

If you are logged in to a Game Center account which is not yours and you want to load your own village you must login with your own account.

First check who is logged in, open the Game Center app. Your nickname should be listed near the top of the screen:

game center nickname

Your nickname must appear here.

If this is not your nickname you must sign out of the Game Center account, go to: Settings -> Game Center. Then tap on the Apple id and sign out.


sign out of game center

Sign out of game center.

Now you can create a new Game Center account or sign in with your existing account that is not linked to a base before.

You can link only 1 base to an account. If you sign in with an account that already haves a base it will be loaded with that base instead of your current one!

Linking to Facebook

You can link a base with Facebook, but beware: This is NOT a recovery method! Is is only to invite friends to Clash of Clans.

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