Attacking With 25 Valkyries

In this video we are attacking with Valkyrie only. You can build 25 valkyries with level 6 army camps. We tried different strategies in 4 attacks:

  1. Deploying from 2 sides:
  2. Deploying in a line from 1 side:
  3. Deploying in a line with heroes:
  4. Deploying in a line with heroes timed:

25 valks cost 1750 dark elixir and it takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes to train them in 2 dark barracks.

The valkerie works best if used with some tank troops like the barbarian king, golem or pekka. On their own their tend to group together which makes them vulnerable to splash damage.

We earned around 500k of resources in 4 attacks. It can be a good strategy to use valks with golems if: you only attack once or twice a day and want to save elixir!

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