The valkyrie is an dark elixir ground troop. She has 4 levels to upgrade and takes 8 spaces in the army camp.

She is capable of doing high damage and has a reasonable amount of hit points. Not as much as a giant or golem. But she can withstand a lot of damage.

Appearance of the Valkyrie

Valkyrie Level 1

Level 1 & 2

Valkyrie Level 3 & 4

Level 3 & 4

Offensive Strategy with the Valkyrie

  • The barbarian king is no match for the valkyrie, just deploy it near the barbarian king to quickly destroy it.
  • It is not recommended to deploy a bunch at one location. They will get vulnerable to splash damage.
  • They deal a small area of splash damage, this makes her effective against clan castle troops. Especially the weaker ones like barbarians and archers.

Defensive Strategy with the Valkyrie

  • They are very powerful and are difficult to defend to. You need an effective base design to protect from them.
  • They are great as clan castle troops. Their splash damage takes out large number of troops at once. She can withstand quite a bit damage.
  • If you mix one valkyrie with barbarians in your clan castle, other players tend to not notice it. Their troops will be demolished and most times the player doesn’t notice why.

Fun Facts about the Valkyrie

  • She takes only 15 minutes to train.
  • Her face looks like the archer.
  • You can have 30 valkyries in a maxed out army camp. If you max out your clan castle you can house 4 extra.


Preferred Target Attack Type Housing Space Training Time Movement Speed Attack Speed Dark Barracks Level Required Range
None Area Splash 1 Tile Radius (Ground Only) 8 15m 24 1.8s 3 0.5 tiles

Valkyrie research and training cost

Level Damage per Second Damage per Attack Hitpoints Training Cost Research Cost Laboratory Level Required Research Time
1 88 158.4 900 70 N/A N/A N/A
2 99 178.2 1,000 100 50,000 6 10 days
3 111 199.8 1,100 130 60,000 7 12 days
4 124 223.2 1,200 160 70,000 7 14 days

Valkyrie strategy video

In this video you see an valkyrie raid and strategy guide.

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